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PCB Design

We specialize in high performance PCB Design services covering all types of designs. Our capabilities encompass the full design flow including, schematic drafting, library development and PCB Layout design. Designers at TechAdvance have the expertise to design high end boards of any size and complexity with high speed design rules. Our comprehensive Design Process ensures the high quality of designs by giving attention to every detail and employs proven methods of verification and validation at every stage of the design process. Our motto is right at first time, on time and every time.
PCB Layout Design

TechAdvance offers a complete PCB Design service from Schematic capture to PC Board Layout – for the finished project. We have expert resources to meet your PCB layout requirements of any complexity, whether it is a small interface board or a complex logic board. Our designers have experience in high density, high speed, digital and mixed signal boards, and have expertise in all leading PCB CAD tools to deliver top quality layout Designs.
Leveraging on decades of experience in designing PCB layouts, we employ a mature design process and quality checks across the complete design flow -from footprint creation to final Gerber data release- to ensure that board meets all design specifications and general guidelines for DFM and DFA. For every design assignment, a project plan is developed up-front with the milestones & a sign-off process for every stage of the design for better visibility and control over project schedule. All inputs collected up front and constraints related to (not limited) Mechanical, Electrical and Assembly are integrated in the design at a very early stage- ensuring on time delivery of high quality designs.
High speed Digital BGA, Micro BGA
Analog Blind & buried via, Microvia
Mixed signal Single/Double sided Surface mount
DDR2, DDR3 memory designs Controlled impedance
USB, PCIe, DSP board designs DFM Review

 •Final Design files – Schematic and Layout
 •Gerber Data in 274x format – All electrical and Non-electrical layers
 •CNC Drill Data
 •IPC Netlist file
 •Fab Drawing - PDF and Gerber format
 •Assembly Drawing - PDF and Gerber format
 •Pick and Place file – for SMD assembly
 •Any other customer specified outputs
 •Read me text file – with all relevant details
Schematic entry
We support on schematic drafting of simple to complex circuits in all leading schematic capture EDA tools, whether it is to create a new schematic file referring to paper/pdf/tif or to convert existing files from one tool to another desired EDA platform. Schematics control the project, so accuracy and the completeness of the schematic are critical for the proper operation of the circuit. You send us the existing copy of schematic –Pdf, tif, photocopy or old cad version – and we will create schematic in your desired CAD tool with all properties required for proper interfacing – Netlisting, BOM generation, Net-in to the board and to generate any other reports as required by you.
CAD Library creation
We create customized library for specifically used BoM’s in PCB designs. While our customers concentrate on core design; we compliment with the otherwise time consuming component level drawing. Our dedicated library team creates highly accurate PCB Libraries (schematic symbols and PCB Footprints) compliant to IPC 7351, with stringent quality checks and quick turnaround.
PCB Layout Migration
We are experienced with several of the available EDA tools. Hence, we can help customers migrate from one EDA platform to the other with ease. Our efficient conversion process helps to migrate complete design data, including schematics, libraries and PCB layout - along with the constraints - from the old tool to new desired EDA platform while maintaining integrity of the original design data.