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Data Management

TechAdvance is committed towards providing latest and dynamically updated comprehensive manufacturer parts data to reduce risk and maximize efficiency. Environmental compliance regulations RoHS and REACH SVHC keep changing regularly, leading to new regulations getting introduced, environmental compliance becomes more complex.
In order to curb these issues, the best solution would be to collect Certificate of Compliance declarations from the suppliers and also collecting Full Material Declaration (FMD) data.
Services offered under Data Management:
 • BoM cleansing
 • Component Life cycle check
 • RoHS Recast
Standard Data Collection Package includes the following:
 • BOM Scrubbing/Parts Cleansing (Standardize Manufacturer Names and Validate the Part numbers and descriptions)
 • Collect current Lifecycle Information (Active, NRND, EOL, and Obsolete)
 • Data Sheet
 • Second Source suggestion for non-active parts from different manufacturers
 • Matching and non-matching parameters
 • Type of match ( Close Match, Near Match, FFF, functional match)
 • RoHS-2 Status and Certificate of Compliance
 • RoHS 2 exemption clause number if any
 • RoHS Replacement part for non-compliant parts
 • REACH Status and Certificate of Compliance
 • REACH SVHC candidate list
 • Full Material Declaration Data in IPC or client specified template
BoM Cleansing

With thousands of parts in a BoM it is extremely important to keep it updated of any changes in part nos, ordering information and alternatives in case of some parts becoming obsolete. To make your production more efficient, to have a reduced cost, and improved operations, BoM Cleansing is essential.
Having a clean BoM has many benefits including cost savings through reduction of inventory, efficient asset utilization and reduction of obsoleted part orders. An improved efficiency can be achieved by searchability, effective part identification, and improved stock reporting capabilities. It results in eliminating incorrect material purchases and material shortages and thus improves the operations.
Component Life cycle check
Life cycle check should be done on each BoM of a product to ensure that the components are available in the market whenever there is a requirement. The components life cycle status is very dynamic in nature. We can do check on your BoM every month/quarterly/bi-weekly as per your requirement.
RoHS Recast
The RoHS Recast “RoHS-2” applies to all 8 categories of the RoHS Directive and has added medical devices to its coverage list since July 2014. RoHS-2 will soon add medical devices (July 2016) and industrial monitoring and control (July 2017).
Reliable and accurate data reduces the time and cost of environmental compliancemanagement. TechAdvance expertise in data collection can help solve your RoHS-2 compliance challenges.
REACH applies to many of substances that are present in electronic and electrical equipments. REACH requires manufacturers to have a detailed knowledge of the substances they use or are present in their products.

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), a subset of REACH, are the most hazardous and harmful substances which are highly regulated. The products containing SVHCs may not be able to receive authorization if a safer alternative exists in the industry. The SVHC list keeps growing and changes every six months (June and December).

We do conduct extensive data validation procedures including standardizing manufacturer names and validating part numbers, CAS numbers against chemical names, component weight versus aggregated chemical weight, PPM value.