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Mechanical Design

TechAdvance offers Mechanical CAD and design services including CAD conversion, Detailing and Electromechanical packaging design services.
We work on leading mechanical tools to create fool proof mechanical designs, which are conceptually upright and suitable for mass manufacturing. Our engineers are well experienced in materials as diverse as plastic and specific as Alloys. The manufacturability, ease of tooling, ease of machining etc. is kept in mind when designs are finalized.

2D to 3D conversion

In today’s world 3D models are preferred option over 2D for better visualization, and it has become seemingly important to convert legacy 2D drawings to 3D model. Using the 3D model gives benefits such as better visualization of individual parts, ease of quality check -to identify interferences and design related issues-, BOM generation, etc. It allows engineers to inspect the product more accurately and to spot the problems and make solutions before building the physical part. Hence, using 3D models gives competitive advantage to the companies in terms of quality, time and cost.
Designers at TechAdvance have experience in all leading 2D and 3D CAD tools and can help you in converting the legacy 2D drawing to 3D models. Send us your PDF files, TIF files or AutoCAD files, and our designers will create fully functional 3D models.
Drafting & Detailing
We offer drafting and detailing services for mechanical components. We can produce detailed drawings for mechanical parts complying with your company standards and specifications. All the required aspects are captured and are drawn with adequate detailing. It becomes easy to migrate between design platforms once the initial drafting is complete in every dimension. We are specifically competent in precision components.
 •Generating Part and assembly 2D detailing
 •Geometric dimension and tolerances for parts
 •BOM generation for the assembly
 •Exploded views
 •Ballooning and generating casting and machining drawing for precision components
Enclosure Designs
Integrating Electronic circuits with PCB, connectors and sub-assemblies in the Mechanical enclosure is a challenging job. TechAdvance can develop custom enclosures to meet your product requirements, our Mechanical design team has expertise in developing enclosures for electro-mechanical products - industrial and consumer products - could be plastic, sheet metal or machined part.
Based on your inputs, that could be in the form of rough sketch, 2D model or 3D model and the following detailed discussion on the product requirement, the initial concept of design will be built and submitted for your approval. Upon the approval and acceptance of the concept we will create the detailed mechanical design and design documentation. Special attention is meted out to the aesthetics. We can also support with prototype building and validation.